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At Elura Education, we are building the list of interested Teachers for our first school.

We are also (by strong demand) offering Coaching sessions to children to get them started on their learning journey before the schools are ready.

Parents have asked for Coaching support (from our Professional Teachers) to begin as soon as possible for a variety of reasons.

Learn more about how Elura Coaching provides children with a fresh approach to their autonomous learning. 

We’d love to hear from you and we promise to keep you updated on the openings for Teachers who support autonomous, child centred education, with Coaching style as our main directive for staff.


“Children who are encouraged to learn, motivated by the thrill of discovery, the natural curiosity of life and the desire to be more … become their own leader!”


Please add your full name. Your information is private and will not be shared with anyone outside our schools.
Elura Schools will open in Essex before we begin rolling out the program accross the country. By popular demand, we are offering Coaching from home to support both parents who want to get started with our unique education style sooner, plus help those who aren't located within the county. We do not believe online education will replace in school learning. That is not our aim. The online support is purely born out of necessity at this current challenging time. We will continue this support for as long as parents need us.
We'd like to know your journey to our website, so we can improve the experience for others. Thanyou for the information you provide.
We're aware many teachers & teaching support staff, have found 2020 an eye opener, a frustration and are more motivated than ever before, to discover child centred, learning focused education. We'd love to hear your experiences.