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Our Mission

Elura Education’s Mission is to create an inspiring, exciting and inclusive environment for all students to learn, grow and ultimately live an enhanced life, with a bank of skills and knowledge that will help them to create a successful future.

To provide an education that is free flowing and autonomous, where learning is facilitated in an open environment, with no restrictions such as age related expectations, timetables, specific classrooms or set daily objectives. Rather than specific classrooms, students will have their own creative space which will be designed and created by themselves. This could be at home or school depending on how the student has chosen to access Elura education.

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To provide students with a coach who will facilitate their learning and support them on their journey. All learning will have a purpose and skills acquired will be beneficial in real life. Learning will be mostly through play and exploration using children’s intrinsic motivation to foster a love of learning. 

To provide access to an enriched curriculum that focuses heavily on a cross curricular theory of learning. Challenges are set by students based on their interests, through projects and skills based learning. Taking inspiration from various approaches such as Steiner, Montessori, Holt, Forest school styles of learning and Agora education in the Netherlands. Setting out to change the style, learning method and content developed for the students.

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