About us

Who are we?

Elura has a team of dedicated staff and stakeholders, many of whom are parents themselves, with wide ranging skill sets and experiences, who have come together to make this modification in education. The Elura team has extensive knowledge from a variety of school and business environments and are dedicated to their research in education.


The founders of Elura Education include successful business man Simon Dolan, who is passionate about children receiving inspiring and meaningful education and giving children the best opportunity to become successful in their own right. His extensive knowledge of establishing his own businesses and employing many talented people has inspired him to become part of this modification in education. Other founders include a group of experienced teachers and leaders in state schools and an experienced, practising therapist, who have come together to provide this new and exciting opportunity.


Why are we starting Elura Education?


We are opening this holistic, creative and passionate educational service because we believe education has been stuck for too long. There has never been a greater need or desire for access to educational services like ours. It is time for our students to be given the freedom to be who they are and to learn in a way that suits their individual needs and at their own pace, moving away from a prescriptive, age related set of expectations, as we all know children grow, develop and mature at completely different rates.


Elura strives to ensure students will be explorers on their own learning journey. Our Student’s coaches will be responsible for facilitating their journey and completing ongoing formative assessment, and reporting to parents. The focus will be on the student’s journey and when they are ready to learn in context, so it is memorable and applicable to real life situations, using transferable skills.